‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Look who’s going holiday shopping…

Thus far on “Dexter” season 7, there has been one principal question many viewers have wondered: just how long could Hannah McKay actually stay around as a part of this universe? While we do not have a firm answer to this question just yet, the latest photo that we have from an upcoming episode suggests one thing to us above all else: she is not going to be saying goodbye to the show at least before the end of the season. (Be warned: there are spoilers ahead!)

In the new photo you can see, Hannah not only is still alive for what is the eleventh episode of the season, but she and Dexter have apparently progressed so much in their relationship that they are decorating what looks to be her place with Christmas declarations. Do these two have their relationship now out in the open? That is a little unclear, but Michael C. Hall’s character is apparently not too worried about being found.

This photo also proves to us one additional thing: Isaak is obviously unsuccessful in his attempts to threaten Dexter, which is something that he does by kidnapping Hannah in Sunday night’s new episode “Helter Skelter.” Ray Stevenson’s character, being of Ukrainian descent, may have actually made a fatal mistake in choosing who he wants to take away from Dexter: he is not as familiar with Hannah’s backstory as someone who grew up inc America would be, and it would not be too great of a surprise to see him let his guard down for just long enough to find himself in trouble.

There are only four episodes left on “Dexter” season 7, so regardless of what happens with Hannah, we should find out pretty soon if she is going to be hanging around for the rest of the season.

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