‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Is a major change for Betty in order?

Are we due to see a whole new Betty Francis on “Mad Men” season 6? It is probably a little early to speculate on that, but when you remember that the series is currently filming, any small change made to an actor’s appearance is certainly worth noting.

With that, we turn to none other than January Jones, who was spotted out and about Los Angeles sporting a much darker look with brunette replacing her famous blonde locks. It is certainly a great way for a recognizable actress to go a bit more incognito, but when it comes to the show it raises all sorts of questions.

1. Why would Betty darken her hair? It’s possible that she may be looking to distance herself even further from her old life with Don Draper; though then again, maybe this is some sort of subconscious move to make herself appear more like his new wife Megan, who is at least around the couple’s children regularly.

2. Another likely scenario: Jones filmed all of her scenes for the season in one cluster, and is already wrapped up for the time being and wanted to try something new. Or, it’s also possible that she does not start back for a while, and wanted to experiment for a little while first. Considering that the last we heard she was discussing a contract for two more seasons, we’re sure that Betty will be involved in this universe in some way.

Jones is the second “Mad Men” actress to change her appearance in the past six months; Elisabeth Moss briefly was seen sporting blonde hair, but she dyed it back to the familiar brunette color in order to prepare for some more episodes as Peggy.

Why do you think January has darker hair? Sadly, we’re not really going to know an official answer anytime soon if it is related to the show.

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