The Challenge season 35: Swaggy C eliminated from Total Madness

Total MadnessTonight, The Challenge season 35 decided to put its remaining combatants through one of the more grueling tasks imaginable. It was all about hauling stuff, and it was also one that was done in stages. The first challenge was tough enough … and then they had to draw sleds. Tribunal was at stake here, and everyone had their own objective as to what they were hoping to accomplish with that.

There’s one thing that we gotta say about this from the get-go: There was very little way to compete with Faysal when it comes to this. We’re talking here about a physical tank, a guy who engaged in college football and clearly had a good chance of making it through any of these challenges. Bayleigh, Dee, and Fessy ended up getting the victory — it’s the first tribunal win for Fessy this week and that’s something that he can hang his hat on.

So what happened when it comes to the battle over a Red Skull? Cory was chosen by all of the losing contestants to go in, and Swaggy ended up being the person who faced off against him. If he lost, he would be gone … which could be really terrible given that Bayleigh is one of the people who sent him down to compete for it.

At first, it did feel as though Swaggy had a leg up in this memory-based challenge, but then Cory made a comeback of his own. This was legitimately intense — a fun back-and-forth battle where it was hard to know exactly what was going to happen.

So yea, seeing Swaggy getting eliminated when he didn’t really have to be has gotta be a bummer to a lot of Swayleigh fans out there … but let’s be honest. This is the sort of show that will bring people back time and time again since they see no real reason not to. The guy’s going to be brought back at some point, most likely … and there are some Big Brother rumors that are still floating around out there.

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