Big Brother 22: How could the show alter its competitions?

Julie ChenWe know that there are a lot of different questions out there when it comes to Big Brother 22and we understand why? Technically, the show has not been confirmed to be returning this summer. Not only that, but it hasn’t been confirmed even to be All-Stars. We know that the rumors and reports are out there, but that’s all subject to change.

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For the sake of this article, what we want to focus on is something a little bit different: A part of the show that will be there regardless. Competitions are one of the focal points of every season. You don’t need to win them to win the game, but they allow you to directly alter the course of the season. They’re great on your resume, and often great for alliance-building. They’re also wonderful for when someone gets drunk with power and destroys the entirety of their game.

So how do you make these work on a season where everyone’s health is central to making the season work? For starters, we can’t imagine that there will be anything that requires an extreme amount of physical contact between players. Sure, we recognize that everyone within the game will be properly tested and kept in a reasonably-safe environment, but the optics on television are terrible. We’re sure that players will have at least some distance between each other. Endurance competitions and Q&A’s still should be able to happen. The vast majority of competitions may not change that much.

What could? We’d say the elaborate nature of some of them? The small risk of cross-contamination you have, the better. We can’t imagine we’ll see as many super-elaborate competitions that require a large crew to enter the house. Instead, we’re thinking more that the season will have some that can be built by a tiny handful of people who are properly tested and kept at a distance from each other during the process. There may be fewer endurance competitions and things that are easier to put together. Think more big-budget than Big Brother: Over the Top, but smaller than the average season. Also, these apparatuses will need to be cleaned before players can even use them.

While these builds could present more challenges for the creative team, we hope they view this as a challenge. This season could allow Big Brother to re-think the variety of challenges they have, and that could prove to be a good thing. You don’t want players, after all, to be able to guess what’s coming. Use what’s happening here as a way to rethink the way that you present challenges on the show.

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