NBC’s ‘The Voice’: Could Nicholas David take down Trevin Hunte?

Will a favorite emerge soon on NBC’s “The Voice”? One week after a pretty great top 16 round, there really was not that much worth screaming about in the top 12. Therefore, most of these rankings are instead going to be about what each of these artist have done already on the show, and one factor is going to be more important than ever because of it: air time. It’s so much easier to vote for a Terry McDermott, who has been a huge part of the show all season, than a quieter presence in Code Belew.

10. Melanie Martinez (last week: 10) – Adam’s Levine’s pint-sized artist did just enough to make it through to this coming week, but it’s clear she has her work cut out of her against artists with much larger voices, especially when there are two people on Adam’s team who are more memorable at the moment.

9. Cody Belew (9) – We really do not want to rank Cody here on this list, since his performances have actually been rather brilliant. Unfortunately, he just has not connected with America on any sort of significant level … and we blame airtime for this.

8. Sylvia Yacoub (4) – One week after her brilliant “The One That Got Away,” Sylvia fell flat this past week with something that was just not that memorable. When you are more of a darkhorse in the competition, the goal here has to be rising every week. You can’t afford any blips on the radar.

7. Dez Duron (8) – Dez is a fine singer, but we are still getting the same sort of cannon fodder vibe from him that we have over the past few weeks. He just doesn’t have the star power of some of the people ranked above him.

6. Cassadee Pope (7) – Cassadee may have a pretty large fanbase thanks to her past history in music, but this does not by any means place her as a favorite to win this whole competition. She still needs to still mix it up if she wants to make it to the finale.

5. Bryan Keith (5) – Bryan is basically a soulful version of Tony Lucca from last year, except without some of the creative expression. Can a guy who is really this fundamentally vanilla really have a shot at winning this show? His talent may get him another week or two, but that could be it.

4. Terry McDermott (6) – Lifted by a pretty solid version of “More Than a Feeling,” Terry now graces the top 4 for the first time since America started to vote. Can he stay there? The issues we have for him long-term is that even though he is a fun artist to support on a show like this, he’s not someone we see winning in the end.

3. Amanda Brown (2) – Maybe it was just a weak song choice, but Amanda failed to really live up to her stellar “Dream On” this week with a song choice that we would honestly rather forget about. What exactly was going on here? We don’t know, but we still have some confidence she will bounce back moving forward.

2. Nicholas David (3) – Cee Lo Green wold probably be pretty thrilled that he has the top two people on this list. Why Nicholas here? It actually goes beyond his voice, since he also has the personality to back it up: he’s fun, likable, and believe it or not, having a memorable facial feature like a beard can help with voting.

1. Tervin Hunte (1) – We are not sure that Trevin would be the most interesting or exciting winner, especially if he keeps coming out with an enormous ballad every week. With that being said, it’s hard to ignore the show’s massive hype machine behind the guy, and he is almost destined to be in the finals.

Who is at the top of our ranking?

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