‘The Xtra Factor’: Christopher Maloney defends advancing over Ella Henderson

If there is one thing that we love about “The X Factor” UK above even its American counterpart, it is that the show actually forces its contestants to go out there and face its fans almost immediately after the show ends for the “Xtra Factor” aftershow. In the case of Christopher Maloney, this was pretty much akin to throwing him to a pit of wolves this week. Despite being panned for many of his performances, he made it on to the next round in a stunning (and quite frankly horrifying) results show this week over Ella Henderson, at one point considered to be the favorite to win it all.

So does Maloney feel guilty about advancing over someone who many considered to be a much more worthy choice? Based on the comments he made to both Olly Murs and Caroline Flack, it sure does not sound like it:

“I’m so happy to get through … Ella is going to be massive. It’s the public voting, it’s [their choice who advances].”

Maloney also claims that as someone who was voted onto the show by Britain, he deserved his placement on the show and has been working hard every week to keep it. The truth here, regardless of whether or not you want to hear it, is that he and Jahmene Douglas are the only two contestants to never seen the bottom two all season long. With that in mind, they really have to be considered the favorites for at least the time being. (Granted, fans of eliminated contestants are probably going to give their support more to other artists than him, which should give them an edge.)

Do you think Christopher has earned every right to defend his inclusion on the show?

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