Magnum PI season 3 – MacGyver season 5 crossover: Do you want it?

Magnum PIWe know that there’s always going to be a craving for some crossover episodes of various shows out there. With that in mind, we present to you a discussion about MacGyver and Magnum PIWe know that there will be talk about bringing the shows together — we know that there was talk once upon a time that the two shows could come together with Hawaii Five-0, but that’s not possible anymore. MacGyver and Magnum each have done a separate crossover with Five-0, so why not with each other? Let’s lay out the pros and cons.

The case for it – Creatively, there is a lot of fun to be had here. We think that Mac and Magnum would probably be fast friends, and it’s easy to envision some other fun pairings here, as well. Think about Russ and Higgins, Rick and Matty, or Magnum and Riley. They could share stories about various adventures and they could band together to take down a common enemy. Crossovers are often success stories ratings-wise, so there is a good reason for the network to at least want to consider it.

The case against it – Unfortunately, a lot of this just has to do with the fact that the two shows film on completely different parts of the country. Not only are there some logistical nightmares here when it comes to scheduling, but in light of the current health crisis, we just don’t see it being a risk that anyone will be super-easy to take. There would, after all, need to be a flights to take the cast from Atlanta to Hawaii or vice-versa.

So will something happen? Maybe eventually, but don’t expect it on the upcoming season. If the world gets a little bit safer, we wouldn’t be shocked if they tried to work something out for the upcoming 2021-22 season. Patience is going to have to be a virtue … and both shows will need another season.

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Do you want to see a Magnum PI – MacGyver crossover?

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