Snowfall season 4: Is there any hope at premiere date in 2020?

Snowfall season 3At this point, it’s probably clear that Snowfall season 4 isn’t premiering on FX this summer … and there’s a chance it may not be back this fall, either.

What we know at the moment is this — filming had kicked off for the show prior to the arrival of the global health crisis. Yet, there isn’t so much of the show done to put it on the air, and we don’t get the sense that the network wants to awkwardly just rush it on with an incomplete story.

Whether or not Snowfall is on this fall is going to likely depend on a wide array of different factors. Take, for example, when the show gets back to work. If they can kick things back off in August or September, maybe there is a small chance new episodes air in October or November. We know that at that point, FX is going to be starving for some new programming. All major networks are as they deal with uncertainty, not knowing when this current crisis is going to be over. They want to get back to work, but they also have to ensure that the workplace is safe. This is not an easy line to straddle. If we have to wait until 2021, then we gotta wait. It could be the best for some parties involved.

In the interim, the best thing that FX can do as a network is continue to promote Snowfall; if you want season 4 to be huge, more people simply need to discover it. There is certainly a lot of time right now for people to catch up on various shows! It really just comes down to whether or not you are fully able to reach them and get them intrigued about what lies ahead.

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