New Amsterdam season 3 spoilers: Dr. Floyd Reynolds’ uncertain future

Jocko SimsFor everyone who has followed New Amsterdam for quite some time, it goes without saying that we’ll be waiting for a while to see the show back on the air. NBC still has not unveiled their fall schedule, and because of that there is swirling uncertainty as to whether it will be back in 2020 or not.

Regardless, we know that there are a lot of huge stories that the series needs to address, with one of the largest ones being trying to better figure out the future for one Floyd Reynolds. Near the end of season 2, Jocko Sims’ character departed to the West Coast in order to be with his fiancé. We always felt like he would eventually return, and based on what Sims said in a virtual ATX Television Festival panel this weekend (via Deadline), it does sound like this was going to be resolved had season 2 been able to wrap filming:

“I’m not sure what the future for Dr. Reynolds would be. My character moved to San Francisco to be with his fiancé, and before the season ended, we were going to wrap up all the questions, [as to whether] he would be gone for good … Now, we’re going to have to push that to Season 3.”

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It does feel like, at the very least, we will see Sims return to give answers to this storyline … and it’s possible there will be a whole lot more beyond that. There are already ideas that Sims has as to how to continue making the character’s journey compelling:

“Hypothetically, if Dr. Reynolds were to stick around, there’s all sorts of things I could bring to the character. What comes to mind is just my own physical health, being a Black male, or someone who comes from a family with a history of diabetes and high blood pressure,” he said. “Being able to bring these real-life situations into the character, and into the story, there’s definitely a lot there.”

There are also of course questions as to how New Amsterdam will overall fold in all events of the past few months on the show — it’s important that you do tell stories that are true-to-life, especially in a show that wants to reflect the heroism of some medical professionals. We’ll see what happens when the series returns, whenever that may be.

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