‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Christmas hints for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss

The “Glee” season 4 Christmas episode is currently being shot with director Adam Shankman, and unlike many other people related to the show, he is actually being rather candid when it comes to saying just what is happening on the set.

Want some details? We have shared some already, but Shankman has given us one more hint: that there will almost assuredly be some Kurt / Blaine goodness in this episode really for the first time since the two parties broke up earlier this year. There have been rumors floating around for some time about there being a possible duet, and while we cannot confirm this just yet, it’s safe to mark it down as a strong possibility given how popular their rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was so long ago.

With Christmas episodes and “Glee,” the challenge is always rather simple: how do you make the episode interesting, while at the same time make it something that does not necessarily have to contribute to a show’s long-term story? We’ve seen this handled two separate ways since season 2. In 2010, they tried a special that did bring us significant movement in many key storylines (and it was the far better of the two hours); meanwhile, last year they went with a show-within-a-show premise directed by Matthew Morrison that still to this day has to be the worst episode of “Glee” created. It was plodding, bizarre, and there was actually too much singing and too much camp for the show’s own good (and this is saying quite a bit given the subject matter).

What sort of holiday special do you want to “Glee” season 4, and is a Klaine duet in your mind almost  prerequisite?

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