9-1-1 star Oliver Stark comments on Ryan Guzman’s Instagram Live

Buck and EddieOver the weekend a new controversy emerged within the world of 9-1-1and this time around it has nothing to do with the show itself. Instead, what we are seeing here is an uproar stemming from comments made by Ryan Guzman over his choice to use racial slurs around his friends and loved ones.

Let’s start things off with some context. Recently, derogatory tweets were discovered in the timeline of Chrysti Ane, Guzman’s fiancee, in which she used the N word back in 2011. She has since posted an apology, but the situation was exacerbated further by Guzman doing an Instagram Live session with fans. In it, he admitted (via TVLine) that he and his friends of multiple backgrounds often use slurs towards each other:

“I have plenty of friends — Black, white, Asian, Indian, whatever they are, Korean — and we make fun of each other’s races all the time. We call each other slurs all the time … We don’t get [offended] at all because we know the actual person, we know who each other are. We know that we’re not trying to bring each other down. So, what are y’all trying to get at [with accusations]? You’re trying to prove that somebody that’s not racist is racist? Nah. You don’t have that power. There is no racist energy coming from [within] this household at all.”

As you would imagine, these comments have not gone over well — at all. Multiple fans and members of the 9-1-1 community have taken Guzman (who plays Eddie on the show) to task for his Instagram Live, and that includes his own co-star Oliver Stark (Buck). Here is some of what he had to say on Twitter:

I know a lot of you want to hear my thoughts on what a cast member said today on IG live. I can tell you that my opinion is there is absolutely no excuse for the use of the n word. It belongs to the Black community only and I absolutely don’t agree with it being used by anyone else under any circumstances.

9-1-1 has already been renewed for a season 4, and there are plans currently for it to premiere in early 2021. We’ll have more news on this situation as it breaks, but feel free to share your thoughts on this situation in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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