Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: George Floyd & mail-in voting debate

John OliverEntering the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliverwe expect the show to discuss George Floyd and Minneapolis. What happened to him has led to global protests, heated discussions, politics, and a whole lot more. That includes a war that has broken out between Twitter and the President. Oliver’s stance on the protests was clear, especially when it comes to recognizing the tragedy that transpired and the commentary of people who are valuing property over human life.

We knew that eventually, Oliver would get to the social-media war and he did it within a few minutes. We were surprised in some ways that the main subject tonight was the social-media feud between Twitter and the President, which started with his commentary on mail-in voting and supposed fraud that goes along with it. Why focus on some of this over the protests? A part of it may be the writers having more time to focus on this. His segments are extensive, and we also know that Oliver does like to focus on things that can be often forgetting.

Update: Oliver has also added on Twitter that the show was forced to tape on Saturday morning — because of that, there was even less time to focus on the protests of the weekend.

What was the point of the mail-in voting segment? For starters, the process of voting is extremely dangerous at the moment. You’re having to stand in close quarters for an extended period of time, and there is no way to know what the health crisis is going to look like many weeks from now.

This segment was informative, and Oliver did make a number of great points throughout — he worked in order to ensure that people are very well aware of their options. It’s a way to keep people safe, and despite a lot of fraud claims, there isn’t a lot of information to really back that up. Also, he had a few good laughs spread in throughout … as he often does.

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