Billions season 5 episode 6 promo: Chuck, a painting, and a new goal

Billions season 5Entering Billions season 5 episode 6, it’s abundantly clear that Chuck Rhoades wants to take down Bobby Axelrod. How can he do it this time around? Well, it may revolve around a certain painting first and foremost…

When Rhoades recognizes a certain painting as being within Axe’s apartment, what is he willing to do about it? It turns out that the painting may very well be a Van Gogh, and there is an interesting little twist that you can throw in here. Typically with this sort of plotline, you’re watching characters try to show that a painting is fake. However, here you’re seeing almost the opposite as Chuck is going to be working in order to claim that the painting is real. If he can do that, does this mean that Axe goes down for tax fraud? It seems to be an option that is on the table.

Yet, and to the surprise of no one, we know that Paul Giamatti’s character has a done of other stuff going on right now as well. Think in terms of what’s going on with his father, who is facing a severe medical crisis unless there’s a way to rectify his kidney situation. Because of his past habits, we’re not looking at an ideal donor here. He also has a new relationship potentially with Catherine, but that’s hardly a bad thing depending on how it goes.

Be prepared in general for art to play quite the role in this episode — though it could come in many forms, especially as Axe starts to have some new questions for Wendy. We know that he has a layer of underlying jealousy anytime there is someone who takes attention away from him in her eyes. Or, at least that’s been a part of our own personal read of that character…

Be sure to prepare for episode 6 when it airs on Showtime next weekend!

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