Hightown episode 4 spoilers: Will Jackie find Krista?

Hightown-season-1Following tonight’s new episode, we know that Hightown episode 4 has the potential to be all sorts of intense.

For starters, Jackie thinks that she is getting closer to answers on Krista. She’s right with some of her hunches, but the problem is that being right does not exactly equal being able to get the results that you want. Jackie has been working to track her and she’s getting close … but she’s also being kept at arm’s length.

It doesn’t really help that Monica Raymund’s character doesn’t have a lot of support elsewhere. She’s working outside of her jurisdiction and because of that, isn’t getting a whole lot of help there. As a matter of fact, the actual police (Ray included) seem to be more concerned with her doing something to mess up the investigation … which is ironic given the position that Ray is currently putting himself getting too close for comfort.

The real challenge for Hightown creatively is that we’re not even at the halfway point in this season yet — however, at the same time we have questions all about how some of this is going to be stretched to that point. What kind of trouble are these characters going to find themselves in next? Jackie is no doubt good at finding answers — she’s smart and seems to understand the psychology of the people she’s going after. Yet, at the same time there are some other problems that she is poised to encounter moving forward, with herself being potentially her own worst enemy. She has this tendency to just cause herself more problems in ways that she doesn’t expect. She gets in over her head, and at times doesn’t realize the ways that she hurts other people.

No matter where we go from here we know this — Hightown is great. It’s intense programming that still feels different from all of the other crime-based shows that are out there.

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