Magnum PI season 3: Our hopes for Thomas Magnum’s future!

Magnum PIWe know we’ll be waiting a good while for Magnum PI season 3 to air — there’s no specific premiere date, though we do hope that it can be back this fall.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to project a little of the future! To be specific, it feels like a fun opportunity to discuss Jay Hernandez’s title character of Thomas Magnum and what could lie ahead. We’ve got a handful of different suggestions below, and the fun thing about this show is that the writers really have such a broad canvas to explore. There are different genres and different ideas they could choose to pull from, and it could vary from one episode to the next.

1. Exploring the new Higgins dynamic – Juliet has found herself with a lot more power now that she is in charge of the Robin’s Nest. You have to imagine that this is going to create some fun interplay. Exploring this relationship is always going to be one of our favorite things about the show — regardless of whether or not it moves in a romantic direction.

2. See more of his reputation build – At this point, doesn’t Magnum have to be one of the biggest private investigators in the state? We want to see that lead to more and more interesting clientele, especially ones that create a little bit of a moral quandary for him. The more the show can ask itself some interesting questions as to how Magnum should handle a case, the better off it’s going to be.

3. Dive more into his military past – This is what bonded Thomas with Rick and TC, and there are so many ways to implement it whether it be the presence of people they knew way back when or cases that remind him of something that he went through. The more backstory, the better since it helps flesh out all of the aspects of him as a person.

4. Dive deep into his psyche – It’d be fun to just see Magnum learn more about why he’s so intent on helping other people, including situations like him being so willing to marry Higgins. There’s a lot of intellectual stuff that the show could look into with the right characters involved. We don’t think he’d open up to just anyone…

5. Of course, cool action sequences – While we tend to think of Magnum PI more as a mystery show than Hawaii Five-0, we do think that there’s some cool chase sequences and the like we could see. Hernandez is more than capable of pulling this stuff off!

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