NCIS season 18 debate: Will there still be holiday episodes?

NCISThere are a number of things that we love about NCIS, from the characters to the funny moments to (of course) the cases. Yet, a big part of the enjoyment comes in pretending to live out the entire year with some of the agents. We see them celebrate big milestones in their lives, but also times of the year like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, and more. They do add a little something to the tone and the familial atmosphere … but we do have questions about whether or not any of this will be possible for season 18.

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Is it true that NCIS is currently on the CBS fall schedule? Absolutely, and there is reason to be thrilled for that. Yet, simultaneously there’s no guarantee it will stay there. There is so much uncertainty across the board right now in terms of when certain shows are going to air and for how many episodes.

Until production happens and the world starts to feel a little bit safer, it may be difficult for the writers to plan any episodes timed to a particular time of the year. Otherwise, you could plan out a Halloween episode only to realize that filming is starting two months later than planned. With that, you may be seeing jack-o-lanterns on NCIS in January. Or, Christmas in March. You get the gist here.

It could be disorienting for viewers, but do we think that people would mind in the end? Our feeling is no. Having these holiday moments with the team is great and we’d hope that NCIS still incorporates some of this stuff into the season even if it’s not properly timed with the real world. It gives the story a more natural flow and also, remember that there are millions of viewers who watch the show back. They may choose to watch an NCIS season 18 Christmas episode in December, even if it doesn’t air that way this year.

In the end, consider it one of many things the writers have to think about — they also have on their mind the already-written episodes (including the 400th) and whether or not to reference real-life events on the show.

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Do you think that NCIS season 18 should feature any holidays or seasonal moments?

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