Station 19 season 4: What should be next for Andy Herrera?

Andy - Station 19What lies ahead for Andy Herrera on Station 19 season 4? This is certainly a good question to think about, largely because her journey leading up to it is so fascinating.

Just think for a moment about everything that the writers put this character through in season 3, starting with the fact that she lost one of the most important people in her life in Ryan, coupled with her father Pruitt. Then, she learned that her mother was still somehow alive, and she has to figure that out.

This leads us directly into the first big question that the show needs to address — what happened with Andy’s mom? Why did she go away? We don’t want the answer here to be so simple as that Pruitt was terrible, judgmental, and locked her out of her daughter’s life for one or two indiscretions. We don’t want to see the character’s memory be altered forever after his death. He can be flawed, but so can she. Maybe there are more reasons why he did what he did … or maybe Andy’s mom just left willingly for whatever reason. There’s a lot of ground to cover there.

Beyond just that, though, there’s also this — what’s going to happen regarding Andy’s marriage? We do think that she loves Sullivan, but it does feel at this point like she married him just as much for her father as she did herself. They have a lot that they’re going to have to work through, and we don’t want the recovery of his surgery to be easy. Her not being there when he woke up is going to be one of many challenges.

Given that Andy is a firefighter, of course we want to also mention this — what sort of struggles will she have on the job? We’re sure that there are more dangerous crises coming up, and the struggle for the writers is now determining how to create interesting, exciting ones that are different from any other that we’ve seen.

Jaina Lee Ortiz has been an excellent lead for the series the past three seasons — the best thing the writers can continue to do is lean on her. Give her some big moments and allow us to explore more and more of who Andy is.

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