Could Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 ever spawn another spin-off?

Grey's Anatomy season 14At the moment, it’s clear that ABC has figured something out for themselves with Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19Think about it — you’ve got two shows that frequently share a universe, and deliver some great stories at the same time. Why they probably were too intertwined over the course of this past season, we would still argue that Station 19 delivered its strongest season yet.

Networks love franchises — spin-offs are easy ways to make money, since you do have an established group of people out there who are already eager to watch a show. It’s one of the reasons why there are three NCIS shows at CBS or three One Chicago shows at NBC. FBI and 9-1-1 are franchises now, and we do have to wonder whether or not Grey’s Anatomy could expand further.

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Are there possibilities here? Without a doubt. If the flagship show ever ends you could do something featuring another hospital like Pac-North — or, a police spin-off feels like something that would play well into what you’re already doing with Station 19. Maybe you go the political route and do something related to people in office; or, maybe you try to do something more on the legal side of things. There are a lot of options, and we’re sure that at some point, ABC will explore all of these. The Grey’s Anatomy franchise is really the only tie ABC has to Shonda Rhimes now that How to Get Away with Murder is over and she has a new deal over at Netflix. Why wouldn’t they want to examine this?

Yet, we wouldn’t anticipate another spin-off anytime soon. This feels like the sort of thing they would unleash upon the world whenever they realize that the main show is about to come to an end — that way, there will be another series alongside Station 19. There’s nothing planned right now for the 2020-21 season, but maybe in 2021-22? Time will tell, but it’s worth thinking about. (There is also the possibility of a Private Practice revival, but that feels very unlikely at this point.)

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