Blue Bloods season 11: What could be next for Will Estes, Jamie Reagan?

Blue Bloods season 11

What lies ahead for Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods season 11? We know that there is a lot of exciting stuff that could be coming. This is a character with a lot of nuance and intelligence — he doesn’t operate in the same way as his brother Danny or his father Frank. He’s grown accustomed to his new position as Sergeant and with that, how to best operate with a team.

Yet, we don’t think that the job ever gets that much easier. There are always new stumbling blocks and challenges that one has to contend with, and that is the focus of this very article! Below, you can look at some of the ideas that we’ve got at the moment for this character — some of them are related to his professional life, and of course one is tied to his relationship with Eddie.

A new rival – We do think that there could be something interesting that comes out of some rivalries as Jamie and some other officers look to climb further up the ranks. Will Jamie’s own family history be held against him? Will someone try to sabotage him? It would be interesting to see what happens if there is someone, whether it be on the force or not, who challenges the character in a way that we haven’t seen. We want to see a real acting challenge for Will Estes that pushes the character’s capacity for holding in anger and staying under control.

Is there a family in the future for Jamie and Eddie? – It’s certainly something that the writers could explore coming up, but we hope that it’s just something that comes about organically rather than the central focus of a handful of episodes. Given that the two have been married for more than a year, we’re sure the conversations will continue.

Test Jamie’s leadership – What happens if there is a threat at the precinct and he has to protect his fellow officers? Can Jamie stop a murderer in a hostage crisis? We want to see a little more of Jamie as a (realistic) action hero, where he takes on these high-intensity situations and works to save the day. Danny tends to be more of the resident action guy here, but Jamie’s more than capable of mixing it up.

Jamie’s reaction to Joe Hill – Jamie is one of the younger adults Reagans and with that, he may be able to relate to Joe’s position. We think that with his friendly nature, he’s a guy who could easily take his new-found nephew under his wing. It’d also be fun to see what happens if the two were forced to work together on a case.

What do you want to see for Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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