The Blacklist season 8: Will Reddington’s diagnosis be explored?

BlacklistWhat is Reddington’s diagnosis? This may be one of the biggest questions out there on The Blacklist entering season 8. Sure, there are questions aplenty regarding whether or not Liz Keen is fully on the side of Katarina, but there’s a part of our brain that continues to hope that somehow, she is going to find her way to Reddington.

Yet, we do worry that there may not be a Raymond Reddington for her to go back to. His sickness is clearly taking a toll on him and it’s getting worse before it gets better. Dembe is worried about it, and Liz found herself having to rush to his care. Yet, he won’t reveal what is really going on with him … and we know that not revealing things is one of the biggest reasons why Reddington in general is in the pickle he is with Liz.

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We can’t guarantee many answers when it comes to Reddington’s sickness next season (it feels weird to guarantee anything in general when it comes to this character), but we can say this — there is more information that will be coming. Speaking in a postmortem interview with TVLine, here is some of what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say on the subject:

We’ve hinted at Red’s health issues for a few seasons now. I suppose it’s fair to say that whatever is wrong with him — it’s something that Red is avoiding or denying, yet something serious enough that people in Red’s life, like Dembe, are legitimately concerned about it. Red’s not a weak guy by any means, but these health issues aren’t going to go away, and he won’t be able to continue to deny them. It’s absolutely something we plan to explore next season.

The more people know, it’s possible the more people will want to help … but we imagine that Reddington’s frustration comes mostly in that he wants to ensure that people can’t exploit it as a weakness. That’s why he has such a tight inner circle in the end.

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