How to Get Away with Murder series finale: Annalise’s funeral, explained

How to Get Away with MurderEntering tonight’s How to Get Away with Murder series finale on ABC, we were prepared for all sorts of crazy. We wanted answers on Wes, on the shooting in the promos, and also how Frank was going to recover from the big reveal that Hannah and Sam Keating were his parents.

In the end, though, the big question is this: Is Annalise Keating guilty? Did she go to jail for the deaths of Sam, Asher, and so many others? For much of the episode we saw threats of various people coming out as a surprise witness. It looked like Lanford was going to be able to bribe Nate with $20 million to go up on the stand … and from there, it looked like Oliver was going to do it in order to save Connor. That didn’t happen, though, mostly because Connor refused to have it happen. He was willing to divorce Oliver instead of having him go up and lie on the stand.

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We spent almost the entire episode waiting for a verdict and in the end, we learned that Annalise was not guilty. Yet, not everyone ended up having a happy ending through this. Connor ended up finding himself in handcuffs, Laurel disconnected herself from the group right away, Jorge Castillo was killed behind bars … and then there was the shooting.

So who did it? Who was really responsible? It was someone who was dealing with a tremendous amount of pain and a great deal of suffering. It was Frank. He was grief-stricken and enraged over what happened and he killed — and with that, he decided to take out Governor Birkhead. He got rid of her, but then he died along the way. We can’t say that we’re altogether shocked about this, to put it mildly. Frank was never going to survive this.

What we didn’t expect, though, was that we’d also lost Bonnie.

About the funeral…

It wasn’t something that took place in the present. Instead, it was a flash-forward to a funeral that happened down the line. She lived, and she had a chance to move forward.

Annalise lived. She had a chance to move forward. But was that really Wes? Not so much. Instead, that was an older version of Christopher. It was not Wes. It was never Wes. Is that disappointing? Only because of the hype…

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