How to Get Away with Murder: Will a spin-off ever happen?

How to Get Away with MurderAnytime that a series concludes its run, of course that leads to questions about what the future could hold. Could something be revived, spun-off, or rebooted in a different way? These are questions that are inevitable, especially with a show like How to Get Away with Murder. It was bold, intense, dramatic, and just about anything and everything in between. We’re thrilled that we got to go on the journey we did, even if not every decision in the finale turned out like we thought.

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Let’s get to the hart of this story, though — is it possible something else could happen? It seems like it, based on what creator Pete Nowalk told Entertainment Weekly:

Definitely [something more could happen]. It’s not top of mind for me right now. Crazily, I’m giving a preliminary pitch on something else on Friday. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m doing it. But I love this world. I love these characters. There’s so much TV right now, I just wouldn’t ever want to do something that nobody wanted to see. I really would want it to be a show that can exist on its own, meaning even if you haven’t watched How to Get Away With Murder, you could watch the new thing. Right now, I want to write about something else, not law. But never say never. I love my writers and I think we could definitely do it. I just would want it to feel unique.

From our vantage point, a Tegan spin-off makes the most sense, given that this is a character who is still mysterious enough to be interesting. Meanwhile, she’s also disconnected enough that you can make sure there are still more stories to tell within this world. We hope that it’s considered, but it won’t be too soon. Nothing was announced for the 2020-21 schedule already, and even if there was, the current health crisis makes it almost impossible to get all of the work done.

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