The Blacklist season 7 episode 18: Did Dembe betray Reddington?

Hisham TawfiqOn tonight’s The Blacklist season 7 episode 18, Dembe Zuma was faced with what may have arguably been the hardest choice of his life. Katarina Rostova wanted to tear him apart, and figured that the best way in order to do so was to put him in the middle between two people he cared about deeply — Raymond Reddington and his Imam, Sadiq.

What did Dembe decide to do? He didn’t want to do anything that would lead to the death of his spiritual guide — yet, he knew giving Katarina what she sought would lead to Reddington feeling betrayed or hurt. We don’t even know the secret that Katarina wants to know. Our guess is that it’s pertaining to the Townsend Directive, the kill order that is put out on her.

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We didn’t think that Dembe was going to be able to both keep his bond with Reddington and then also save Sadiq, but he got lucky tonight … very lucky. Right when he was about to give Katarina what she wanted, Reddington and his team turned up as a part of their own mission to track down those responsible for hiring Warden Roy Cain. Katarina fled the scene, while Dembe and his Imam were rescued. Dembe was honest with Reddington — he was going to spill the beans to Katarina — and over time, we think Reddington will appreciate that.

In the end, a big part of the story for this episode is about choice … or that sometimes, there is no choice. For Dembe, there was no choice but to save his Imam. Meanwhile, Liz felt like there was no choice but to try to get answers … even if she wasn’t sure that Katarina would give them to her. For Reddington, there is no choice other than to offer up control of the empire someday to Liz. He knows that he’s sick, and while Liz isn’t the perfect choice, she understands him.

Now, Liz is facing a huge choice — to help Reddington or assist Katarina. Now, we gotta figure out what she wants to do in the finale…

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