‘Ink Master’ season 2, episode 7 review: Star Wars invades, Sarah Miller shines

Last week on “Ink Master” season 2 we saw the remaining contestants battle it out as they tried to outdo each other with the best pin-up girl tattoos they could put together, but at the end of the day Lalo Yunda ended up having to pack up his ink and leave the competition.

Tonight on “Ink Master” we watched the remaining 9 artists jump right into the new flash challenge this week which had the artist showing off their contrasting skills.  Sarah Miller was super pumped for the challenge as a fleet of Stormtroopers came marching towards them and Dave Navarro revealed that the challenge was to paint a Stormtrooper helmet to show off their contrast work.  Jesse Smith once again painted new school art on the helmet which is starting to get tired, because no matter how good his work is, this Ink Master and we’d like to see something new out of him. Sarah mixed a lot of Star Wars icons into her helmet, embracing her inner geekette and making us love her even more then we already do. In the end Clint Cummings won his second flash challenge and has the control to assign the human canvases to all the artists.

Sarah was really bummed that she didn’t win the flash challenge and as it turns out she was on Clint’s hit list as someone he sees as a threat that needs to be brought down, but unfortunately for him the theme for the tattoos this week is Star Wars and although Sarah didn’t win the flash challenge she was a strong contender.  Clint gave Sarah a tattoo that wasn’t going to have a lot of options to put a lot of contrast to it and she worked her magic and was able to talk her client into something similar to what he wanted, but with more contrast.

At the judging panel the boys loved what Sarah did with her Stormtrooper tattoo and even though Tatu Baby didn’t know anything about Star Wars outside of “the little green guy” her tattoo of Yoda blew the judges away.  Although the judges weren’t exactly impressed with Jesse’s C-3PO work, we were happy to see him do something that wasn’t new school. Both Sarah and Tatu Baby’s tattoo’s were gorgeous, but the judges decided to give the win to Tatu Baby over Sarah (even though we personally feel Sarah should’ve taken the win this time).  Ultimately Mark Matthews and Kay Kutta ended up in the bottom two for their tattoos, with Kay finally being sent home after weeks of him being in the bottom.

What did you think this season, and do you think that the right person really ended up going home?

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