‘The New Normal’ review: Twitter gaffes and ‘Glee’ jabs

Before we do anything else when it comes to “The New Normal,” we have to lament the fact that the show’s phenomenal Halloween episode never ended up seeing the light of day here in its regular timeslot. Granted, it’s hard to say that the pre-emptions were unjustified given that we are talking here about the Presidential election and Hurricane Sandy.

Moving on, Thursday night’s new episode was an exercise in one classic rule: think before you tweet … and also make sure that anything you don’t want to be revealed. If you don’t, then there are going to be some rather shocking things that can happen to you. For example, who saw it coming that we were going to see Nana tweet out a video to the world that was a secret music video that Bryan had made for David on their eventual wedding day? At first, he was mocked for it, and he was so furious at the new conservative Twitter queen that he went on a warpath; but then, everyone really started to support him.

For some reason, we never really caught on before this episode that Bryan is more or less a wackier version of executive producer Ryan Murphy: he runs a show that includes musical numbers, and there were some pretty hilarious jabs at “Glee” thrown in here in between a guy in a wheelchair who can really walk and a girl who looked suspiciously quite a bit like Rachel Berry.

While we were learning the dangers that come with social media, what this episode really did right was find a way to make us laugh in the process of being moved. We’re not tiring of Murphy’s new show just yet, and the more we see of David and Bryan, the more we like them.

What did you think about this episode?

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