Magnum PI season 2 episode 18 sneak peek: Magnum tries on a tux!

Magnum PIMagnum PI season 2 episode 18 is airing on CBS come Friday night, and the show is for now absolutely committing to the wedding story. We thought at first that Magnum and Higgins getting married was going to just be a one-episode gig, but the writers have found a way to expand it in some exciting ways.

In the sneak peek below, for example, it’s clear that Magnum has the support of most of his friends as he tries on a tux and prepares for the big day to arrive. He’s clearly prepared for it in as good of a way as he possibly can — as a matter of fact, we’d even say that he’s almost enjoying a part of the preparation process.

One of the things that does make us the most intrigued about this whole storyline is simply this: Why he is so gung-ho on making this happen for Higgins. It does speak to his helpful nature, and maybe he does see marrying her as trying to pay her back for everything that she has done for him over the past couple of seasons. She’s bailed him out of countless jams and this is something that he can do for her. Is there something more there? If Magnum does have some sort of romantic feelings for “Higgy,” we don’t think it’s at the point where he would want to marry her right now without ever being in a relationship… but there could be a part of those feelings coming out of his actions. It is something that show could explore, but let’s face it — it’s often going to be about the case just as much as a relationship.

Even within the end of this preview, we have another reminder of a new case as Higgins interrupts him in the middle of his tuxedo showcase. (Side note: Isn’t it nice to see Taylor Wily back in the show universe as Kamekona?)

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