Homeland season 9: Could a revival ever happen on Showtime?

Is there is a chance at a Homeland season 9? Within this article, we’re going to do our best to map out whether or not such a thing can happen.

For some time now, it’s been clear that Homeland season 8 was going to be the final season of on Showtime. Why end it? It feels like more of a creative decision than anything. It’s better to end sometimes on a high note than to stretch a thing out forever, and that is clearly something that the folks behind the scenes are thinking about.

Yet, depending on how season 8 ends, can you really rule out something more existing in this world? We wouldn’t. After all, this is a show that is always going to be relevant in some way. It takes a powerful, unflinching look at things that are going on in the world of foreign policy. This is always going to be relevant in some shape or form. There are plenty of twists and turns, and there always will be inspiration for other stories for characters to take on.

As for whether or not we’d see the same cast, that depends on a number of different factors. We have to assume that the end is the end now, mostly because they could’ve easily come back for more if they really wanted to. In the end, we wouldn’t be opposed based on whatever the idea is … but it does have to be a good idea. We don’t need to see a revival just for the sake of there being one, mostly because there are SO many other shows that could utilize the talents of Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes.

We’ll keep you posted but for now, treat the Homeland series finale as that. If there’s something more, it’s something to update you on later.

Do you want to see a Homeland season 9 happen at Showtime?

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