‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 6 promo: Is [spoiler] alive?

You have to love it whenever AMC puts out a new promo for the next “Walking Dead” season 3 episode, mostly since at the moment it feels somewhat like the equivalent of a massive shot of adrenaline straight to your brain. There are not many other shows that can get you so amped up in such a short amount of time, all while simultaneously showing off images of gore, violence, anger, and occasionally even confusion as some of the characters do not even know what they are looking at.

So what do we see in this new clip from Sunday’s episode? There are a few things worth noting, with one of the principal ones being that after her status was up in the air this past week, we could end up finding out a little bit more when it comes to Carol’s fate. T-Dog in many ways saved her life through some of his heroic actions, which caused him to unfortunately die in the process. If she finds a way to survive this, it will not have been in vain.

Elsewhere in Woodbury, Andrea is going to start to seriously think about following Michonne’s lead and taking off from the town, as she is quick to realize that this place is not even remotely what it is cracked up to be. The Governor is using zombies for entertainment, and this sort of conditioning among the residents is troubling in itself. As for how The Governor will react to her attempts to leave, it’s probably fair to assume that it will not end well.

What do you think about this promo?

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