Better Call Saul season 5 finale: Show boss on Kim Wexler’s big change

Better Call Saul season 5As we prepare now for Better Call Saul season 6, are we going to be seeing a very different Kim Wexler than ever before? It’s fair to wonder given the way that season 5 ended.

We often think that these are characters who often get stretched and stretched out like a rubber band, only for them to revert back to their original resting place. Even with Jimmy McGill, he showed at times in the finale that he has limits still to what he’ll do and won’t do. Yet, with Kim Wexler, she may have suddenly hit her breaking point. She is the one who was suggesting the outlandish ideas for how to ruin Howard’s career, almost suggesting that she has surpassed even Jimmy in the crazy-ideas department.

So why the change? You can go back to the conversation she had with Howard in the finale, one where he was very much condescending to her and some of her choices. She wants authority over her own life, even if that means becoming a somewhat different person in the process. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, here is what executive producer Peter Gould had to say on the subject:

… I think it’s important to Kim to feel that she’s not a passenger. She wants to feel and to know, and I’ve sometimes used this phrase, that she is the captain of her own ship. She says in that great line that Ann Cherkis wrote a few seasons ago: “You don’t save me. I save me.” She has a pride in herself and a pride in her ability to take care of herself and to make her own decisions, so I don’t think she ever wants to feel that she is playing second banana or following someone down a road. She has that amazing scene in episode six this season, that Tom Schnauz wrote and Michael Morris directed, where she says, “I can’t go on like this. You made me the sucker. You played me.” She does not want to be played. She wants to be the player, not the played. She wants to be the hammer, not the nail. That’s admirable in a lot of ways, but the other question is if you’re gonna steer your own ship, you have to take responsibility for where you’re steering it to and you’ve got to hope that you’re not steering it right onto the rocks, to torture the metaphor.

With this, a new Kim is sort of rising from the ashes — it’s not a new person, but it’s very clear that she’s willing to do things that the old version of Kim would never imagine. All of this suggests that moving forward, the series could be moving in some very-much interesting directions.

What do you think of Kim’s big change on Better Call Saul?

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