Chicago Med finale interview: EPs on Marcel reveal, Ethan, season 6 plans

Chicago MedEven if tonight’s Chicago Med episode was not originally intended to be the season 5 finale, there were still some important reveals throughout. Take, for example, what we learned about Dr. Marcel losing a child at an early age. It’s a tragedy that does inform his attitude and his disinterest in connecting — it’s also something that only Natalie knows about. Whether or not anyone else finds out is a story for down the line — for now, though, the two do have a deeper bond. Yet, whether or not that means something more remains to be seen.

In this interview, CarterMatt had a chance to speak with executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider about the Marcel reveal, Ethan getting through the hostage crisis, but then also how they are going to weave together some of their planned storylines with a difficult new reality — events that are going on in the world today.

CarterMatt – The reveal of Crockett having lost a child was a powerful one, since it seems to inform how he compartmentalizes everything while on the show. Is that something you always had as a part of his DNA?

Frolov and Schneider – Yes. We’d always planned that his anything-goes attitude was cover for a tragedy in his past.

Ethan and April have been through so much as of late, but will what he went through with the hostage crisis bring the two closer together?

Yes. They are both affected by this situation, realizing how much they care for one another.

What happens now with the planned season 5 episodes — are there ways to include them into next season, or is that difficult given [likely] time jumps between seasons and everything that has transpired in the real world?

We would like to include the storylines next season but, as you rightly point out, they have to fit into the new reality in the E.R., and at this point, it’s just too early to tell.

As we look towards the future, what sort of role do you think a show like Chicago Med can play in honoring those real-life doctors and nurses who are giving and sacrificing so much right now? Is that something you’re looking at already for next season?

Chicago Med is about how much our doctors and nurses care about their patients and how the patients affect our characters’  lives.  So, yes we want to honor those doctors and nurses who are sacrificing so much now in real life.  It’s definitely something we’re talking about.

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