‘The X Factor’ USA notes: All about Emblem3, Lyric 145, and Fifth Harmony

Emblem3For this edition of “The X Factor” notes, we are keeping the attention entirely on the groups, whether it be what songs they are performing or who they are allegedly seeing more of away from the stage. Of course, with the latter story you have to take it with a major grain of salt; but we’ll tell you about it just for fun, if nothing else.

Basically, here’s what is floating around the internet according to an In Touch story: Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony and Keaton Stromberg of Emblem 3 are dating! Are they really? It doesn’t sound like it. For one, all of the Emblem3 band members told HollywoodLife that they are single. In addition to that, there is also something else to consider: these sort of crazy rumors happen every year on both this show and its British counterpart. It’s really the byproduct of a desperate tabloid media for stories, and also that contestants do bond and spend time together … but that does not mean that there are romances going on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile… – If you want some scoop about the performance of one of the groups coming up Wednesday, just listen to what Lyric 145 member Julien Joseph told Wetpaint in a new interview:

“For this week we actually plan on doing our original lyrics and I know a lot of people and fans wanted to hear what we have, they wanted the original lyrics so we’re definitely going to switch it up like that. We’re going to tone it down a little bit too with the outfits but I mean we’re still going to bring the Lyric 145 in it.”

If there is one group who does have the talent to pull something like this off, it is this group, who by our estimations is currently the most underrated one in the competition.

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