Is Big Brother 22 canceled at CBS — at least for the summer?

Big Brother 21Is Big Brother 22 canceled over at CBS? We know that there is some reporting out there, but we want to examine things a little bit further here.

Let’s start with The Hollywood Reporter, who cited yesterday via a source that there would not be a new season of either the flagship show or Love Island this summer. Yet, there is also a report coming in from show fansite Big Blagger that features the following quote from a CBS representative:

The situation is still fluid but the intention is for Big Brother to return this summer.

The words “this summer” are key to this statement. It’s important to note that they didn’t say fall, as many speculated the new season could be pushed to help compensate for the possible loss of Survivor on the schedule.

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Here’s where we see things now at the moment: CBS isn’t going to officially commit to anything for at least the next several weeks, as they will wait to see where things are in the world amidst this current health crisis. We firmly believe there will be no season premiering in June, as we’ve seen for the past several years — it’s far too early and they have to think with safety in mind first and foremost.

Yet, do we think that the network will have ruled out a shorter season premiering in late July or beyond? It’s hard to imagine they would, especially if there is greater testing and other things they could do to try and insulate the house. They could examine what the world is like and then figure out where to go from there. They could go with All-Stars to make casting a little bit easier — another option could be having a cast that is local to reduce travel and better ensure safety. They could also go with smaller competitions similar to Big Brother: Over the Top to reduce the number of crew members. (It’s the safety of the crew, who would travel to the set and home, that would especially matter here — that was one of the major concerns with Big Brother Canada this spring.)

We wouldn’t have much optimism for a new Big Brother this summer — yet, we would say that keep a watchful eye on the situation and what CBS could plan to do the next few months.

Do you want there to be a Big Brother 22 this summer?

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