Chicago Fire interview: Joe Minoso sets the stage for Cruz, Chloe wedding!

Chicago FireWe know that we’re in the midst of some hard times right now, but come Wednesday night’s new episode of Chicago Fireyou may have a chance to see a little joy. After all, the wedding of Cruz and Chloe is just on the horizon. This is a ceremony that should bring with a lot of what you are hoping for — think romance, a beautiful setting, and a chance for the entire Firehouse 51 family to come together. They’ve all gone through a lot this season, especially with Otis’ death in the premiere.

Joe Minoso has played all of the dimensions of Cruz wonderfully through the years, whether it be his happiness, his sorrow, and his commitment to the job. So why not hear from him about what makes this episode so special? He teases that within this CarterMatt interview, alongside some of the other noteworthy stories of this episode, as well.

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CarterMatt – After everything that Cruz has gone through this season (and it’s a lot), what was the experience like of getting to film something so much more joyous for the character?

Joe Minoso – This entire job is joyous for me. Even the moments where I have to break down or experience some sort of tragedy. Those are great opportunities to try and do some good acting work, but it is nice to get dressed up and just have a moment of joy for the members of 51.

Are there any sort of last-second stresses that Cruz has to deal with before the ceremony?

Absolutely! You can tell from the previews that our firehouse has basically been taken hostage in protest of a firehouse that has been shut down. And of course tensions get a little heated and you can see that Cruz has a fairly visible injury on his big day.

There have been some Chicago Fire weddings in the past, so what makes this one stand out? (Beyond, of course, the fact that Joe’s at the center of it!)

It is absolutely by far the largest wedding we’ve ever done and I think it’s the first time that you’ll get to see several members of the cast as part of the wedding party and therefore dressed up in their best tuxedos and gowns. It is definitely the most formal affair we’ve ever had on the show. And of course Kristen Gutoskie looks stunning in her dress.

Moving beyond the wedding, what do hope the future is like for Cruz? Is he happily moving into this next chapter now with Chloe?

In terms of Chloe, I can’t imagine Cruz being happier about anything that’s happened to him over the last eight years. It is the shining star of his life right now. He is insanely in love and she is equally as crazy for him and that’s all he’s ever wanted. I think we can look forward to a long, loving relationship with those two.

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