ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 7 review: Emily Thorne strikes a deal

Is it wrong for us to be more obsessed with one moment on Sunday night’s new “Revenge” season 2 episode than any other? Possibly, but the way in which the Mason Treadwell conflict was handled made for one of the most interesting moments of the season. It was a little bit convenient, and more than a little bit far-fetched, but it does give us a great launching bad for discussion this week.

Let’s start things off with what many people likely saw coming: that Mason was going to form some sort of theory about Emily Thorne’s relationship with Amanda Clarke. However, the theory that he had was really off-base in that they were secret lovers in the past who had conspired together to take down the Hamptons … but it was still enough to make Amanda want to take him down in a way in which he would never be able to scheme again.

So was this plot successful by Amanda? Far from it. Emily, knowing that she and Nolan had concocted a plan to have Mason found guilty for the death of Gordon Murphy, was able to talk her way out of it; and then, she cut a deal with Mason that he would confess to the killing in return for getting the first opportunity to publish the true story about who Emily really is a little ways down the road. Would someone in Mason’s shoes really take this deal? That’s the polarizing question. The writers are obviously wanting to show that he is a character so obsessed with notoriety that he would even go behind bars for it, but this is still a pretty major leap to take.

Did you buy what happened with Emily and Mason this week, and are you really too distracted by it to even think about some of the other characters?

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