‘Curiosity: Sex in America’ review: Oh, they’re going there…

CuriosityAfter we saw an episode of “Curiosity” last week in “Battlefield Cell” that was a little bit harder to grasp onto unless you were a fan of microbiology, Discovery is airing a special Sunday night that is not only fascinating, but also something that more people can relate to in the context of their everyday lives: sex. The title of the special is appropriately “Sex in America,” and the focus here is the conducting of one of the largest studies ever when it comes to sexual behavior. The majority of American adults have it, but few want to talk about it … until now.

We should start here with a footnote: if you are one of those people who freaked out during sex ed. in school, this probably is not for you. This special is not intended to be lewd, but still not everyone may appreciate hearing the details about what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to everyday couples.

However, if you are opened-minded enough there is actually quite a bit to learn here not just about the psychology and sociology behind sex, but also who is having it and how men and women react different to the subject. There’s a lot of data flung at you in a short amount of time, but it is not just a special all about numbers: unlike last week, there are real faces giving you the information, and they do so in an honest and at times funny way. Also in comparison to the “Brainwashed” special, there is also nothing in here that is as disputable … even if you may still leave surprised.

If there is any one to take from this special in particular, it is not that any sort of relationship is wrong, obscene, or even prudish; rather, it is meant to just open the eyes of viewers as to how much sexuality has changed since the days of Alfred Kinsey’s studies. Young people are far more open, and such things as birth control and even technology have changed the way in which sex operates in the everyday lives of people around the world. It is the sort of informative television that you expect from this series, and Discovery delivers with a presentation that feels authentic and not just looking for shock value.

Even if this special does make you uncomfortable, you have “Curiosity” some credit: they went there, and they did so at a time when so many people are still squeamish about the subject.

Photo: Discovery

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