Big Brother 22: Could it still happen, or be canceled at CBS?

Big brother 20Earlier this week, the news came out that Big Brother Canada 8 was canceled at Global after weeks on the air. This led to all of the houseguests being removed from the game amidst what is one of the biggest health crises that we’ve seen in our lifetime.

Now, this does lead to questions aplenty about the future of Big Brother 22, and we should note this first and foremost: Nothing has been either said or confirmed at the moment about what is going to happen next. Our hope is that there will be another season that transpires, and we’re sure that CBS feels the same way. The problem is that this is a situation that is so far beyond the control of anyone. There are a myriad of factors that need to be considered here, starting with the fact that casting calls are pretty much impossible right now. Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that the current crisis will be over come the important planning stages of the season. Sure, it would not kick off until late June, but you probably need to have concrete plans in place by May. That doesn’t allot for a lot of time.

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While nothing is definite at the moment, one option CBS may consider is delaying the season and starting it in July. That gives them more time to wait and see what happens in the world. The next idea is using returning players rather than newbies — this alleviates having to do a casting process in the same way. You already know these people so there is less of a pressing need for face-to-face meetings. You could also look at a shorter season in the fall.

Remember this — unless things improve considerably over the next couple of months, the fall TV season could be impacted dramatically by current events. This could be an opportunity for them to use Big Brother as a stopgap.

No matter what happens, rest assured of this — Big Brother will almost certainly be back in due time. It may just take some patience. It’s better to have a delay than to endanger even one life because network executives are rushing. We’ll have more information as it comes out.

Do you still want to see Big Brother 22 happen at CBS?

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