Chicago Fire interview: Show EP on key Severide, Brett storylines

Wednesday night’s new Chicago Fire is going to help bring us closer to the end of the season, and within this hour, a number of themes and stories from throughout season 8 are going to rear their head once more.

If you think back to earlier this season, Kelly Severide was mixed up in a big way with OFI, working with them to help investigate some incidents in the city. He proved himself good at the work, but there is no replacing having him at Firehouse 51. He’s been back for a while, but Seager and OFI are calling on him again. This means a chance for Severide to jump back into this line of work … but also a chance for more peril.

Leading up to this episode, show executive producer Derek Haas spoke to us a little bit about the Severide storyline, Brett’s biological mother (can we really trust her?) and then also the end of this season — which is a rather abrupt one. Due to the health crisis sweeping the globe, Chicago Fire is one of many series to shut down filming early.

CarterMatt – It feels like only yesterday (or, really, a few months ago) that Severide had his life in danger thanks to that contract arsonist. Now, the promo’s hyping up all sorts of trouble for him Wednesday night. What sort of bind is he in this time?

Derek Haas – At a call at a motel fire, Severide tries to rescue a man who is a potential witness in a murder case.  Severide being Severide, he doesn’t exactly wait for permission to investigate.

So how much can we trust Brett’s birth mom? Or, should we even be wary while asking this sort of question? Brett seems to be getting invested in the relationship, but what’s the risk?

Brett’s birth mom is a genuinely nice lady who just wants to bond with the daughter she never knew.  There is no hidden agenda.  Is there a risk for Brett?  She has a great capacity for love and I think she’s glad to get to know this woman whom she dreamed about for so long.

I know we’re dealing with a very unusual end to this season due to the terrible circumstances in the real world (and obviously, safety is the most important thing). Will there be payoff to some current storylines over the next few episodes, even if we have to wait until season 9 for further closure?

Our season may not end the way we planned.

Where do you want to see Chicago Fire go over the remainder of this season?

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