This Is Us season 4 finale: Who is Kevin’s fiancee?

This Is Us season 2The This Is Us season 4 finale how now officially come and gone, and was there ever a LOT of significant content that we saw over the course of the episode.

Let’s start things off here, though, with the big reveal at the heart of the episode — who is Kevin’s fiancee, and the mother of his son? As it turns out, the answer is Madison. She discovered that she was pregnant and for a stretch of time, she kept it from the rest of the Pearsons — including her own best friend in Kate. When she finally approached Justin Hartley’s character about it, she did it in a way where she had zero expectations of him. She didn’t apply pressure to him to step and take care of the situation, but she wanted him to know. She had a medical history that made it almost impossible for her to get pregnant.

In the end, though, Kevin said he was ready to step up and be there — and we know that he’ll be on his way seemingly judging from what we have seen in some flash-forwards already. He doesn’t want to look backwards anymore, though we don’t necessarily think his romantic future is set in stone, either. He and Madison don’t even know each other all that well, and she hasn’t been stopped in flash-forwards. Yet, we did see small glimpses of both Cassidy and then also Sophie tonight, indicating the neither one of them is fully out of the picture.

Oh, and we should note here that Madison isn’t just pregnant — she is expecting kids! It’s fair to assume that she is Kevin’s fiancee, though we never saw her in the birthday party flash-forward.

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What complicated this whole situation for Kevin further is that it came right in the middle of an epic blowup fight with Randall, one where the two hit each other on everything from Randall urging Rebecca to enter the trial to Kevin’s relationship with Jack to Kevin saying the day Randall was brought home was the worst day of his life. (That stuff was heartbreaking.) Given that Randall and Kevin seem closer in the final flash-forward, they may be able to get through this.

Also worth noting — Nicky’s wearing a wedding ring in the future, Kate and Toby seemingly adopt a daughter in the future, and we still don’t know if Kate is still alive.

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