Outlander season 5 video: Caitriona Balfe on getting the medicine right

OutlanderThere’s a new Outlander season 5 episode airing this weekend on Starz, and we know there may be further opportunities to see Claire Fraser as a surgeon.

So what goes into some of these medical scenes? While Claire may be a doctor, Caitriona Balfe is not … and that requires a certain degree of training. In the video below, you can see the actress explain some of the processes that she went through in order to do a tonsillectomy scene — and also how a certain Dr. Claire (an actual one as opposed to a fictional one) was able to help out with the proceedings big-time. It’s a fun little bit of insight into what happens behind the scenes on the show, as everyone is doing their part to work together and make things as realistic as possible … which is important given how eagle-eyed many viewers are.

Also, it’s not as though Claire is going to stop being a doctor anytime soon.

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Throughout this weekend’s new episode, we’re hoping to see more of Claire working her magic while we also have a chance to spend a good bit of time with Adso. This is of course the new Fraser’s Ridge cat who made their debut last week — we’re sure Adso has a role to play, though we’re sure getting a cat to do what a director wants is far from the easiest thing in the world. We also know there are some high stakes elsewhere, as we have Jocasta’s potential wedding to Duncan Innes and then also more tension surrounding Governor Tryon and the Regulators. Jamie realizes the delicacy of his situation at the moment, given that he is loyal to Murtagh and yet, can’t give up many of his cards. He had to kill Knox, though, and someone may end up taking the fall for that.

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