‘The Walking Dead’ season 3: Taking an arrow in the [blank]

Norman ReedusBreaking news on “The Walking Dead” front: somebody finally put one of the actors on this show on talk show away from AMC! It’s almost a strange phenomenon here how season 3 can be the highest-rated drama series on television in the 18-49 demographic, and yet we rarely see and hear from some of the stars on any sort of mainstream television.

Thankfully, that changed this week courtesy of Norman Reedus, who stopped by the unfortunately-canceled “Anderson Live!” this weekend and brought us some delightfully-awkward entertainment courtesy of a bow and arrow. Reedus, desperate to try and make this segment into something interesting, decided to play along with Anderson Cooper and teach them the ways of the zombie hunter; and apparently, part of this included showing him how to shoot a zombie coming at him. We don’t really know what is the funniest part of the video, so we’ve instead compiled a list of possible candidates:

1. Anderson wearing a vest that he claims makes him look like he is the lost member of the Village People.

2. Anderson shooting Norman on his first go where the sun doesn’t shine, and then watching the actor try to brush it off as no big deal. This is probably the last place that anyone wants to take an arrow … let’s be real.

3. Norman treating Anderson as though he is an insecure child unsure what to do with himself.

4. Anderson missing altogether on his second shot.

Sunday night’s new episode is probably not going to have the same sort of levity or crotch shots, as Daryl, Rick, and the rest of the survivors at prison are going to have to figure out a way to mourn Lori and T-Dog, try to find Carol, and keep themselves alive in the process. Sound like a tall order? More than anything else, we see it as an impossible order.

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Photo: AMC, video via TooFab

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