Law & Order: SVU season 21, The Flash season 6 episodes delayed

SVU season 21We knew that the COVID-19 pandemic would lead to a number of different surprises over the course of the next few weeks within the TV world. However, we didn’t think that we would be seeing the impact anywhere near as fast as we are.

One of the things that we’re starting to see from the major networks is a dramatic shift when it comes to when they air some of their episodes. A lot of them are going to now end up being later on in the spring than they were previously planned to be, mostly because networks are (understandably) trying to stretch out their stuff as long as possible. This, plus a COVID-19 special, are among the reasons why there is no new episode of Law & Order: SVU this week. Meanwhile, there are also episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow that are finding themselves delayed. There could be more installments coming, so for now, the best thing to do is just be patient.

The world of television is going to change dramatically over the next couple of months, and it makes sense if there is a great deal of uncertainty that goes along with that. We’re going to be in a situation now where networks have to think more on the fly, and depending on how long the crisis lasts, it is certainly possible that we could see different shifts in the sort of thing networks put on the air. Cities are on lockdown and television can be an escape … but when it comes to new television, networks have to be careful. This becomes all of a sudden a precious commodity.

We’ll continue to monitor everything that’s going on in the outside world — but, for now, remember there is no new SVU this week anymore. Meanwhile, The Flash will still air as previously planned, but there is not going to be a new episode for the rest of the month.

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Do you think networks are smart to hold on to some of their new episodes to such an extent?

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