‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 7 preview: Misha Collins is back!

Misha CollinsIf you are a fan of Castiel, then Wednesday night’s new episode of “Supernatural” season 8 is inevitably going to be the one that you are waiting for. Not only is Misha Collins’ character going to be making his long-awaited return to the hit CW series away from purgatory, but the signature trench coat is back and as bizarrely cool as ever.

But is everything really as it seems with Cass this time around? This is what we wonder, mostly because there is one thing that has to be questioned at this point: consequences. It’s not like this character is one who has cheated death a hundred times; he has experienced, and there has to be some sort of pain or ramifications of that. Otherwise, any character could come back willy-nilly without any problems at all.

In going along this train of thought, maybe the concept of consequences is something that is being alluded to in the photo above, which shows Castiel alongside new character Naomi (Amanda Tapping). We know that she is going to be an angel, but a new breed of one compared to anything that has been featured on the show already. Is she going to impart some consequences in exchange for his re-entry into the real world? It’s possible; though then again, she could also just be someone from his past that we have not heard about yet. After all, the past has played an integral role throughout “Supernatural” season 8 thus far.

What’s your theory concerning Castiel’s return, or are you so excited just to see more Misha that you really don’t care about consequences at the moment? If you want some more scoop about the upcoming cartoon-themed episode of the show, all you have to do is visit the story here.

Photo: The CW


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