Chicago Med interview: EPs tease 100th episode stories

Chicago MedCome Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC, be prepared for an episode of Chicago Med like no other. This is the 100th episode, one that is meant to pay off some big stories this season but also introduce new threads, present challenges, and even give you a wedding! There are a lot of different emotions you can expect to feel throughout, but we like to think the end goal here is to celebrate this world, and the accomplishments of some of the doctors and nurses we’ve been watching the past few years.

In setting up this episode, we recently had a chance to ask a few different questions to series bosses Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov. Take a look at some of what they had to say below. There’s also the promo below for the 100th episode, in the event you haven’t seen it already.

CarterMatt – Congrats on episode #100! I know it can be a lofty episode to come into. Did you set aside some specific goals in advance, whether it be bringing back familiar faces or specific medical issues you wanted to touch on?

Frolov – Our main goal was to pay off the stories and character arcs that we’d been developing throughout the season — and to kick start new arcs. We also wanted the episode to end on a joyful note.

Schneider – As to the medical stories, it was important to us that they gave a platform to explore the emotional issues that all our doctors were facing.

While there’s a lot of drama going on at the hospital, Maggie seems to be having a celebratory moment — a wedding! After all she’s gone through, what made it important to give her what looks to be such a joyous moment? (I know this is Chicago Med — anything can change in the blink of an eye!)

Schneider – We wanted to tell an inspiring story about cancer treatment, and a wedding between two survivors, including a beloved regular character, seemed a perfect way to cap it off.

How worried should we all be for April? The promo certainly creates a cause for concern…

Frolov – Although April not only has a health crisis in the episode, there’s also some very difficult emotional fallout. So, yes, you should be worried for her!

Before we wrap this article up, let’s remember over the next few weeks how imperative it is to be supportive and celebrate all of the real doctors and nurses who are out there, risking their lives and giving it their all. These are super-scary times at the moment and these are people giving it their all to ensure that the world is a little bit safer. They’re not going to get the appreciation they deserve for their sacrifice.

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What do you most want to see regarding the 100th episode of Chicago Med?

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