‘The Bachelor Canada’: Did Brad Smith make the right decision?

The Bachelor Canada“The Bachelor Canada” has moved fast like wildfire, and as crazy as it may be to believe, Brad Smith has already figured out the two women who he is taking to the end of the show. Are we a little bit surprised by them? Yes and no.

But rather than try to spend our time here trying to figure out which one of Brad’s two remaining women is right for him (mostly because we will be doing that instead in our article later this weekend), let’s cast our focus on what was one of the strangest moves ever in the history of the show when Whitney, who was already in the final two, chose to snatch Brad Smith away before he really had a chance to give a clearly devastated Kara a proper goodbye. Could this really not wait a few seconds? There are really only two ways that you can read this move:

1. Whitney is so desperate for airtime that she wanted to make another TV moment, even at the expense of her own relationship and the feelings of one of the other contestants.

2. She is really just not very self-aware, and just wanted to chat with him without thinking of what the implications would be of her trying to snatching him away like that.

Brad was pretty livid over Whitney’s action here, at least to the point of calling her “selfish” and saying she should apologize to Whitney, who clearly was pretty into Brad before all of this went down. Kara’s exit was in our mind the worst move Brad could have made, largely in that she was athletic, sweet, and seemingly into him from the start. She’s also had the perfect edit to make her Canada’s first “Bachelorette” if the show ever goes in this direction.

Yes, there is another woman in the finals who we haven’t mentioned yet in Bianka, but it is hard to get a read on her. Strangely, the best comparison we can make is to Ben Flajnik on Ashley Hebert’s season: she came on strong late, and the question now is just if it was too little, too late for who could have been a strong contender.

What do you think about Whitney’s actions, and do you wish he had sent her home on the spot over it? If you want some more news from the American version of the show premiering in January, be sure to visit the link here.

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