Homeland season 8 episode 6 sneak peek: Mike, Saul talk Carrie

HomelandComing up this weekend on Homeland season 8 episode 6, there are going to be questions aplenty regarding Carrie Mathison. Can she really be trusted? Is her relationship with Yevgeny anywhere close to what it seems?

Well, we are at a point now where a lot of these questions have to be raised and pondered over a million different times — and this is the subject of a new sneak peek below. In this one, Mike does his part to clue in Saul as to some of the conversations that we’ve seen Carrie and Yevgeny have, including how there are some differences of accounts here and nothing seems to be 100% what it seems on the surface. There are questions in here regarding Carrie’s loyalty and, to go along with that, whether she may have unwittingly given Russia information that led to the assassination of two presidents.

Entering this upcoming episode, we don’t think that we’re at a point where there are clear answers. Yet, it does seem as though the instigators want there to be chaos and violence between the United States and the Taliban. They’re eager to do whatever they can in order to ensure that this happens, and that includes possibly even more warfare. Saul wants to get to the bottom of this understandably, but his primary order of business as of right now may just be working to ensure that he has his own house in order. He has to work in order to ensure that there aren’t any more buried secrets on Carrie’s part that will come back to haunt him.

We know that Saul cares for Carrie and on a deep level, he trusts her. We’ve never explicitly doubted that. However, there’s a difference between trusting Carrie on the day-to-day and then this version of Carrie, one who clearly is not always of her own mind. This gives you a sense of the wide array of the challenges that linger within this episode. That’s what Saul has to work to figure out.

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