The Blacklist season 7 production reportedly shuts down

The BlacklistLike many other shows that are out there at the moment, filming on The Blacklist season 7 is reportedly taking an indefinite break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new post on his Instagram Stories, actor Amir Arison shared a post from makeup artist Stephanie Wise confirming that production is halting indefinitely. It remains to be seen if filming will resume for the season, or if the last episode filmed will end up serving as the finale.

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We’ve already reported today that with an enormous amount of caution, most major networks are at the moment opting to utilize a careful approach when determining what they want to do with their shows moving forward. Many, like the NCIS franchise, have already decided to end their seasons early. For others, the situation is a little bit more up in the air. The truth here is that this is an ever-developing situation where there will probably be more episodes that come about slowly and surely over the next few weeks.

The most important thing here is that the cast and crew, in addition to all fans out there, remain safe. It’s better to be cautious than to run any risks, and we just have to prepare in the near future for a new normal where so many things change about the way that things work. One thing that you should remember for the time being is this: The Blacklist will still be returning to NBC with new episodes on March 20. There are no plans to immediately alter anything when it comes to the short-term future of the series. If anything does change when it comes to the airing schedule, that’s something that will be done after that.

If you do want some more news on The Blacklist while we wait for more of what the future holds, you can see some of that over the link here. Meanwhile, we welcome all of your thoughts on this story below. (Photo: NBC.)

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