Big Brother Canada 8 interview: Michael Stubley on eviction, Chris, & more

Michael StubleyThis past week in the Big Brother Canada house has been a tough one, to say the least, for Michael Stubley. The military man found himself in rough shape thanks to Chris winning Head of Household. He and the rest of his Evictors alliance was duped into thinking that he would be fine, only for him later to be back-doored after nominated after Hira won the Power of Veto. Michael and the rest of his allies tried their best to scramble but, in the end, it was all for naught. He was evicted with the only votes in his direction being that of John Luke, Madeline, and Rianne.

Below, you can take a look at some of what Michael had to say to CarterMatt today about his game, leaving the house now, and a whole lot more.

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CarterMatt – I know this is an especially weird time to be coming out of the house with everything that’s going on the world. What has it been like for you since leaving the game?

Michael Stubley – I still don’t know that much because I’ve been locked away from everything, but I’m still getting used to not shaking anyone’s hand.

Were you surprised at how quickly people caught on to the Evictors?

I’m not too surprised. I don’t want to downplay anyone’s game, but I was definitely dealt some bad cards. I was put into that showmance box, which people immediately type-casted. Then, there was the fact that we [as a group] hung out all the time.

We didn’t have that first eviction paranoia set in. Anyone who hung out alone for too long in one room, it became ‘oh, they’re working together.’ A combination of everything led to no one knowing where the house was at and who was working with who. I think we were easy pawns — we worked so well together and we naturally just hung out together, especially since Maddy and I were Have-Nots. We were always around each other, eating together and making slop pancakes.

I guess it’s also very hard to not want to hang out with people who you’re just naturally close to, especially since you don’t want to be perceived as being close.

Sheldon and I suffered a lot from that. We were really close and he wanted to make a final two, but once Sheldon realized that Chris had both of us in his cross-hairs, Sheldon distanced himself from me and it ruined our relationship. I didn’t trust him anymore and I knew at a certain point he was campaigning against me.

At the end of the day, I had to just use my gut instinct and go in with the people I trusted. Sadly, I think we didn’t diversify and mix ourselves in with the whole group as much as we should’ve. I think with another HoH, even if it was Kyle or Sheldon, I wouldn’t have been in his cross-hairs. Kyle fed into Chris’ resentment over my relationship with Maddy. He said some weird comments to him.

The blowup that happened between you and Kyle — I know it was somewhat strategic in nature on your part, but do you think it helped or hurt you? I know you were in a bad spot going into it anyway.

The way that situation played out, with Minh Ly saying that I needed to cause a blowup, I talked to John Luke and was like ‘that’s stupid. That’s not what I want to do.’

But, Kyle was already in a bad mood and had confronted John Luke in the pantry. I was next by process of elimination, and I was already having the most uncomfortable conversation with Chris that was agitating me and Kyle just stepped in and starting to be a big aggro. I didn’t want to back down from a fight because I was just tired of Kyle’s BS. If I am leaving the house, people have to know who this guy is and what he’s capable of. He’s willing to say and do anything that he can. The house is brave enough to take him on, and they may pay for that a little bit later on in the game.

It’s impossible to autopsy every single part of your game 24 hours later, but are there specific people you wish you had gone to more to try to get them to flip? I know you needed four votes outside your alliance.

It sucks to say that I had those votes, but individually all of those people came up to me and said on their own that they were voting to keep me. Sad to say, they couldn’t have the backbone to stick up for that decision. They were just happy that they were safe.

If they had switched my way, it could’ve been smooth sailing for the next few weeks. The relationship that I should’ve tried to maintain better was the relationship with Chris. He was just so uncomfortable to deal with, and the only conversations he would have with me were about Maddy. It was always on his mind. I remember one time he said to me as I was going to the Have-Not room ‘at least you get to sleep with Maddy every night.’ Then, I just looked at him and was thinking ‘is this all this guy thinks about?’ (laughs). It was the weirdest conversation. I should’ve set my pride aside and exploited the relationship a little bit more.

I don’t want to speak too much for Chris because he’s not here, but my perception from the outside is that he seemed very jealous that Maddy was close to you and not him.

Oh, 100%. When I had him in the HoH room I kept pressing him and called him a coward. He was trying to paint it as a game thing, but he couldn’t string sentences together. Then, when I tried to confront him about Maddy, he wouldn’t make eye contact and wasn’t the same Chris. I knew I had poked a nerve with him. I remember he said to Kyle that ‘girls like Maddy and Rianne — outside of this, I get them all the time. I have them wrapped around my finger.’ I think he was just bruised the girls were picking someone else.

Do you think hiding your military history helped or hurt your game? Were you just using it as a means to solidify trust with players?

Yea, and I do think over time I didn’t capitalize on solidifying that trust with people. I think who it did solidify trust with are people like JL and Maddy and Rianne. I think I would’ve benefited from telling everyone early on, since they would have viewed me as someone who was trusting, had integrity, and would be able to stand up for them and take the heat.

I think talking about it could have garnered me more respect because, at the end of the day, I was viewed as a target regardless of my profession.

One of the things I enjoyed seeing from you near the end of your time in the house was the development of your relationship with Hira, and some genuinely emotional moments you shared. Could you have seen yourself going far in the game with him?

He reminds me a lot of my friends that I have back home, and he and I bonded really well. I understood his culture because I grew up around it — he confided in me and I confided in him. I respected him a lot and I hated to have to put him in a position where he had to think about his game versus his personal values. It just sucked.

I remember he and I sat down in the Have-Not room and he broke down, saying how sorry he was and telling me about his family. It pains me that I have to leave guys like him, JL, Maddy, and Rianne in the house. It’s hard to have genuine people in that game who are trying to stay true to their word and have integrity. They’re being tested by people like Kyle and Chris who make them do things that they don’t want to do.

I’m happy I got to meet Hira, and I hope he goes far in the game.

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