‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Michonne, Andrea to have it out

Danai GuriraWhile “The Walking Dead” season 3 thus far has more or less seen Michonne and Andrea as a post-Apocalyptic version of Batman and Robin as they have traveled to Woodbury together, stayed safe, and even to a certain level confided in each other. But is their relationship really going to remain so cordial any longer? The tension between the two started to arise last week over whether or not they should stay in the “Utopian society” that The Governor has created, and it is now about to boil over to a whole new level.

According to a brand-new report from E! News, Michonne and Andrea are going to further clash over whether or not they should stay or go in Woodbury, with the latter intent on staying put despite some of the seedy and dangerous vibes that David Morrissey’s character is giving off.

To make matters even crazier, there are some pretty crazy events set to unfold courtesy of a party that The Governor is going to be coming up soon on the show. What makes this so interesting? Let’s just say that he has a different interpretation of “entertainment” than some of the show’s other characters, and he is going to end up making Andrea very much regret some of the feelings that she had about Woodbury. In other words, this is probably going to be disgusting.

There will be more of Woodbury in the episodes ahead, as the show is going to carefully balance out the scenes between this town and the prison, where Rick is starting to slowly lose himself following the death of Lori during last week’s episode.

If you want to find out some more news about The Governor’s daughter Penny, and when we could be seeing her on “The Walking Dead” season 3 moving forward, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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