‘The Big Bang Theory’ review: Wil Wheaton and the craziest ‘Fun with Flags’ yet

The Big Bang TheorySometimes, we don’t understand how any characters on “The Big Bang Theory” are satisfied with their relationships. Why? The best way we can sum it up is by saying this: they seem to be spending all of their free time fighting with each other.

On Thursday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” the latest example of this conflict really came out as Sheldon and Amy squared off over Amy’s treatment of Wil Wheaton, and how he should have stood up for her when the “Star Trek” legend said something mean to her while taping the world’s greatest web show in “Fun with Flags” … even though she was plenty rude to him beforehand. It’s becoming a tad tiresome to see these two constantly fight, even if it did in this occasion lead to an absolutely hilarious scene where Sheldon decided to confront Wheaton about some of his actions after Penny got him drunk without him even knowing it.

The other story was funny, albeit equally strange: we saw Howard finally move out of Howard’s house after feeling pressured by Bernadette to do so, only to have her adjust their living arrangement so that they would occasionally stay over there so she would not feel so lonely. This story brought us some good one liners, and it does raise an interesting question: does anyone else want to se an appearance from Howard’s father at some point? We clearly know that he if alive, and it would make an interesting story given the damage that is in their relationship. The only other thing notable here is that Leonard and Raj were almost complete ghosts the entire time, and barely had any lines this week at all.

What did you think overall about Thursday night’s new episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also read some more about Sheldon’s upcoming antics over at the link here.

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