Hawaii Five-0 interview: Katrina Law on aftermath of Quinn story, series finale tease

Katrina Law

On Friday night’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, you had a chance to witness some of the best stuff we’ve seen to date from Katrina Law as Quinn Liu. We’ve learned that the character has both an ex-husband and a former stepdaughter, and she is also willing to do just about everything she can to ensure that Olivia is okay. She was even willing to go so far as to put her ex in handcuffs after his gambling addiction led to him going completely off-the-grid. This was an important episode for Quinn, and it was also fascinating see her spend some time with Adam  — these two characters haven’t had a chance to do too much together as of late, but it was a pairing that made sense in the moment.

For some more thoughts from Law about this episode after the fact, plus a small tease for the upcoming series finale, check out part 2 of our interview below. Remember that if you head over to the link here, you can read part 1.

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CarterMatt – You spent a lot of time working with Ian Anthony Dale in this episode. What did you think about that dynamic, and Adam being there to help Quinn?

Katrina Law – It was surprising, when I read the script, that Quinn reached out to Adam. I would’ve thought she reached out to Tani, but I think it created such an interesting dynamic. Quinn is a little bit of the outsider still, and it’s interesting she felt the need to reach out to him — he’s good at keeping secrets (laughs). I think that was a lot of the decision-making process — Quinn needed help, but I don’t think she was ready to share the news with the entire team. So I think she made a really wise choice.

Shooting with Ian personally, he was such a rock and so supportive. He was 100% behind my choices. He was a beautiful acting partner to be with.

I know there isn’t a lot of time left in the series, but did you feel like what happened to Quinn in this episode informed how you played the character moving forward?

I think this episode really highlights Quinn’s protective side and her ferociousness — how far she’s willing to go to protect the ones she loves. I think that translates over to the Hawaii Five-0 team. You saw it before, but you never quite understood where it came from. In the upcoming episodes, it’s highlighted even more.

Finally, let’s talk the finale — without giving too much away, is there anything you’re excited for fans to see?

I’m actually really excited for an entire sect of fans. It’s been breaking my heart listening to them all season online, asking for what they want and feeling like they’re never going to get it. They’re going to get it and I’m SO excited for them (laughs).

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